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St. Joseph Moscati
Christian Life
St Therese of Lisieux
St Edith Stein
Santa Scorese


St. Joseph Moscati, the holy doctor from Naples (Antonio Tripodoro s.j. - Egidio Ridolfo s.j.)

Saint Joseph Moscati: light of charity (Domenico Parrella s.j.)

Saint Joseph Moscati Head Physician at "Incurabili" Hospital (Antonio Tripodoro s.j.)

Let's read some of St. Joseph Moscati's thoughts

Graces obtained through Saint Joseph Moscati's intercession

Prayers and testimonies to S. Joseph Moscati

Prayer to St. Joseph Moscati

Books on Saint Joseph Moscati

Ludovico da Casoria, Caterina Volpicelli, Giuseppe Moscati and the church of the Sacramental nuns in Naples (Alfredo Marranzini s.j.)

Nina Moscati’s unknown letter to Bartolo Longo (Sebastiano Esposito s.j.)

Nina Moscati: an emblem of benevolence (Sonia Andreoli)

Love to Christ and to the Virgin Mary in St. Joseph Moscati (Antonio Tripodoro s.j.)

Joseph Moscati and the Ministry of Confession (Felice D'Onofrio O.F.M. Cap.)

Moscati as Doctor, Researcher, Saint (Prof. Antonio Marcucci)

Saint Joseph Moscati and his voyage to Lourdes (Alfredo Marranzini s.j.)

St Joseph Moscati - Voyage to England: Edinburgh and London (Antonio Tripodoro s.j.)

St. Joseph Moscati’s journey to Sicily (Antonio Tripodoro s.j.)

An intervention of our Lady of Loreto to the origin of Incurabili Hospital of Naples: the history of Venerable Maria Longo (Alfredo Marranzini s.j.)

Bioethical Principals of Medical Practice (The Linacre Institute - USA)

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (Domenico Marafioti s.j.)

Padre Pio and Joseph Moscati: two Sons of Benevento region, different in style, equal in love
(Felice D'Onofrio o.f.m.cap.)

St Therese of Lisieux and Saint Joseph Moscati(Giuseppe Samà s.j.)

Gianna Beretta Molla and Joseph Moscati: two Phisicians, two Saints (Egidio Ridolfo s.j.)


Rosario Livatino Magistrate and “Martyr of Justice” (Emilio Andreoli)

Carlo Acutis - a young "anti-conformist", student of the Institute "Lion XIII" in Milan (Sonia Andreoli)

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, 1207 - November 19, 1232 (Mary Germaine MICM)

The Christian Family (John Mc Dermott s.j.)

The everlasting meaning of worship to the Sacred Heart (Carlo Colonna s.j.)

Jesus, I love you! (Pio Ciampa s.j.)

Eucharistic Minister: Living bread and wine for everyone (Mariagnese Giusto)

A continual profession of Faith: the "Miracolous Medal" (Florio Quercia s.j.)

The pilot psalm (John H.Roberts)

Santa Scorese  (Bari - Italy - 1968-1991)

Declared Servant of God in 1999.
A young and intense life given through Maria to the Lord, victim of an aggression that wanted to offend her dignity of woman and Christian.


The "Reductions" in Paraguay Jesuits missionaries in Latin America (Enrico Padoan s.j.)

The Passion of Jesus staged by the Srilankans for prayer and meditation at Gesù Nuovo (Gamini Perera s.j.)

The Devotion to Our lady of Madu in Sri Lanka (Gamini Perera s.j.)

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga s.j. (Sr Brigid Mary MICM)

Gesù Nuovo Church - short artistic guide (Domenico Parrella s.j.)

Fighting against usury, for giving human face a new splendour (Massimo Rastrelli s.j.)

Visiting Sri Lanka (Ernesto Santucci s.j.)

Therese of Lisieux and Father Jacques Sevin s.j. (Pierre Descouvemont)

Teresita: the Venerable Maria Teresa Gonzalez-Quevedo, of the Marian Sodality - Madrid (Egidio Ridolfo s.j.)

Venerable Teresita Gonzalez-Quevedo - Her secret was Mary (Sister Mary Elizabeth)


St Therese of Lisieux and Saint Joseph Moscati (Giuseppe Samà s.j.)

St. Therese of Lisieux Doctor of the Church (Giuseppe Samà s.j.)

Henri Rubillon s.j.,"Herald" of St. Thérèse of Lisieux in Brazil (Fernando Guimarães cssr)

Therese of Lisieux and Father Jacques Sevin s.j. (Pierre Descouvemont)


Edith Stein: an example of spiritual freedom (Sr Licinia Faresin)

Edith Stein: a Jewess, a Philosopher, a Carmelite, a Martyr (Emanuela Ghini o.c.d.)

Edith Stein's association with several Jesuits (John E. Brooks s.j.)

Christians And Jewish People: the History of their relationship (Armando Gargiulo s.j.)

Christians and Jews Today, Two Thousand Years Later (Armando Gargiulo s.j.)

Il Gesù Nuovo is a quarterly magazine which promotes the devotion to
Saint Joseph Moscati (published only in Italian). It is sent to those who ask for it.

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St. Joseph Moscati
Christian Life
St Therese of Lisieux
St Edith Stein
Santa Scorese

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